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Judging is complete


  1. The online Award Entry Form is closed.

  2. When you have filled in your Award Entry Form, in full or partially, hit 'submit' to save your entry. A Confirmation of Award Entry will be sent to the email you gave in the Award Entry Form. A link will also be sent allowing you to make further changes to your Award Entry Form. You can save it as many times as you like and a Confirmation of Award Entry will be sent to you each time. When you are happy with your Award Entry Form, in order to enter the Awards, you must forward the final Confirmation of Award Entry with full details of your entry to us at from the email address you submitted in your Award Entry Form.

  3. Award Entries will close 18th March 2019 at 5.00pm. After this date, no further changes can be made while judging takes place.

  4. Any woman, in any role, or at any level, in arts, science, business, and the voluntary sector is eligible. They must either have been born in or currently live and work in Scotland.

  5. Ever entered yourself for an award? Scottish Women in Business believe it's vital that women believe in themselves. Read the reasons why you should enter.

  6. Before you begin, browse the Award Categories section to decide which ones are most appropriate to your Award Entry. You can enter as many categories as you like: they will be treated as separate entries. 

  7. Entries to the Scottish Women in Business Awards are report-based: please write a maximum of 300 words for each Award Entry saying why the award is deserved. Have a look at the FAQs section for how to prepare your Award Entry.  

  8. Shortlisted award nominees may be required to offer additional information about their achievements and confirm that all facts are correct. They may also be required to attend an interview.

  9. Do read the Rules of Entry before finalising your Award Entry Form.





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