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What are the Award Categories?


We have given examples of what would merit each award. A person may be nominated for any of the 3 examples listed under each award: they do not have to achieve all of them. Once you have read the categories make your nomination using the online Award Entry Form.


Communicator Award 

A good communicator works for the good of everyone, not just themselves or their company. They communicate with integrity and a sense of balance and they never forget that communication is about listening as well as talking. 

Examples of what makes a good communicator:

- she helps people learn

- she communicates what she knows superbly

- she works to put difficult ideas across or communicates well in difficult situations

Or another example of communicating not listed above.


Connector Award

A good connector is someone who makes connections between people, understanding what each person is looking to achieve or can offer. She forms a bridge between people.
Examples of what makes a good connector:
- she opens up new opportunities for other people
- she makes positive introductions between people
- she actively looks for people who could help meet someone’s need
- she helps other people on their journey
Or another example of connecting not listed above


Collaborator Award 

A good collaborator is someone who helps people to work together effectively, regardless of role, organisation or traditional norms and forms. Collaborators may emerge at any level in their organisations
Examples of what makes a good collaborator:
- she effects lasting change or introduces new approaches through working with others 
- she works well with others, regardless of role, and enables others to do the same
- she inspires people to pull together
- she influences people outside her immediate circle and inspires them to take action
Or another example of collaborating not listed above.


Innovator Award

This award is given for exemplary innovation in products, services or service delivery.

It is open to women working in any field: the arts, sciences, business and voluntary sector.

Examples of what makes a great innovator:

- she develops new product, services or ways of working

- she helps her company do something new

- she solves problems for her company or organisation

Or another example of innovation not listed above.


Young Star Award

This award will be given to a woman between 18-35 who shows exemplary innovation, creativity, leadership or business flair. 

Examples of what makes a Young Star:

- she has developed a successful product or service

- she has solved a problem for her company or organisation

- she has shown exceptional resolve in achieving her goals.


Spotlight Award

Our Spotlight Award goes to a woman either working in Scotland or from Scotland whose contribution is noteworthy and inspirational. Vote for the most deserving woman in the public eye here. The shortlist has been selected by Scottish Women in Business and is voted for by you, the general public. Further information on the shortlisted women can be found in the Spotlight Award section.


Spirit of Scottish Women in Business (SWIB) Award 

This will be judged by the present and past presidents of Scottish Women in Business to the member who has demonstrated the attributes of communicating, connecting and collaborating.


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